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About Pinoy Job 

Need a job? Want better employment? Looking for high-paying job?
Pinoy Job portal is now here to help you!
With the changing business landscape in Japan, there is an increasing labor demand that can only be met by hiring foreign workers.
  This is why Japan has opened its door wider for foreign workers who aspire to work  in an environment where there is an emphasis to discipline, stability, and quality.Thus, Pinoy Job portal is born.
Pinoy Job aims to be a gateway for foreign workers, specifically
  thousands and thousands of Filipinos, residing and working abroad
  to find suitable jobs.
  Its goal is to help Filipinos land a job without any hassle.
  Just visit the website, click the job links, and get the necessary information for application.  That easy!
Available jobs include caregivers, nurses, factory workers,
restaurant staff, chambermaids, hotel staff and other jobs in-demand in different fields of medicine, engineering, media, manufacturing, assembling, processing, call center, entertainment,  arts, health and beauty and so forth.
  Whether you want to work in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama,
  Chiba and other areas in Japan, Pinoy Job has it for you!
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  Pinoy Job is accessible through mobile phones and computers.
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